Manifesting money is a favourite desire for most of us, for obvious reasons. There’s so much more that we can experience in life, with money on our side. And money does want to be with us. However, it hates worry. And if you feel worried when you think about or talk about money, then money just can’t find its way to you. It’s time to change that.

Why Money Would Rather Stay Away When You Worry

Money is energy. And the energy of money is very light. Money loves freedom – just as much as we do. When asked about what they want to feel about their new money story, many people answer “Freedom”. And this is exactly what money wants to feel when it’s with you too. So, when you have ‘heavy’ feelings like fear or worry, anger or doubt, pain or guilt when you think about money-related scenarios in your life, money just can’t come to you. And there is a building frustration when you really want money, ask for it, and then it doesn’t come. It’s a crazy cycle that will continue repeating until you start creating an environment in your life, where money would like to spend time.

So, What Do I Do Now?

Create an environment, a story, a life, where money would want to spend time in.

Most of us are excellent at creating money goals, and that’s a fabulous energy to have, because of course, money loves hope and excitement. But we forget to check-in on how we feel about money every time we are faced with a money scenario. For example, if you’ve lost money in the past, or were robbed, you may be holding on to your money too tightly now, as a safety measure. Or if you’ve heard a news report that says the job market is down, and you’re looking for a job, you may adjust your salary requirement to fit the “market condition”. These are all fear-based reactions to money – and money feels that.

Try these steps to change your feelings towards any money-scenario that you’re facing:

1. Evaluate how you feel and what goes through your mind when you are faced with money leaving you, eg, when:

– You’re paying your bills

– You have an unexpected payment to make

– Someone tells you that you’ve spent too much money on something unnecessary

– You realise that you’ve been overcharged

2. Shift these feelings.

Now that you’re more aware of how you feel about money leaving you, it’s time to shift to a feeling or thought that is more aligned to the energy of money. So when you’re paying your bills, if you currently feel “There goes a big chunk of my salary again for the bills! I will never have enough!”, then shift to something like “These bills are paying for me to have a good life and to take care of my family. I will pay my bills in pride, and I know that what I spend, will return to me, and 10 times more!” Just feel the energy just saying that.

Keep going with your money check-ins, and shift as you catch yourself feeling something that money might not be comfortable with.

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