Many of us have tried manifesting money, and have experienced one of these three outcomes:

1. Constant manifestation of money (you ask, you get)

2. Sporadic manifestation of money (you ask, you sometimes get)

3. No manifestation at all (you ask, you don’t get)

The Possible Reason (and Block)

One of the things that will really help in getting us to a more constant and consistent state of manifestation, is to check-in on how we feel every time money leaves us – so that means, when we spend money, or lose money. For example, how do we feel at the end of every month when we pay the bills? Some of us may not even think about it because this process it automated. Or, because we do it every month, it’s become a habit and we’re probably on auto-pilot mode as we make the payments. Or, we might wince every time we pay the bills. It is very important that we identify how we feel, because this could be a major turn-off to money. Money likes to hang around certain emotions, and can’t stand the sight of other emotions, and that’s how we track if our feelings are aligned to what money likes.

So, What Do I Do Now?

Track your feelings every time you spend money, eg:

– When you pay your bills

– When you receive your bills

– When you’re repaying a debt

– When you’re thinking about an ill relative who could do with some money

– When you have an unexpected but necessary expenditure

– When you are overcharged for something you bought

– When you think you’ve spent too much on something you bought for yourself

– When someone misplaced the gift you bought them

All these are real money scenarios, and to master your relationship with money, you’d need to evaluate how you feel. And if it’s not a good feeling, try shifting it to a better feeling.

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