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I had just finished a gorgeous salmon meal at my favourite sushi joint. I walked out after paying, and my eyes fell upon something on the restaurant’s notice board. It was a pack of reusable straws for sale.

I looked at them, and just thought within me, that it would be really good to have them. Many restaurants have stopped giving out plastic straws to save the environment, and I was happy to do my bit, except that the icy cold drinks that I loved, were just too cold to be sipped without a straw!

I was just a fleeting thought, and I didn’t spend much time on it.

The very next day, I went to my regular Saturday morning visit to the mall. I love going there because of the beautiful scenic nature views, which make amazing backgrounds for my videos.

While at the mall, I suddenly remembered that I needed an eyeliner and walked into a Sephora outlet. As I walked to the cashier to pay, I saw a similar set of reusable straws right at the cashier’s counter. I wondered why a cosmetic brand would carry reusable straws? Then I saw, that it was an item for members to redeem with the bonus points they’d collected.

As if on cue, the cashier said that I had 300 points and asked if I’d like to redeem anything. I took another look at the straws, and they were 250 points. The answer was too easy for me. I said yes, and walked out with a free set of metal reusable straws.

So what just happened there? My intention with the straws at the sushi place was something I had held in my mind for less than 5 seconds. And if I did decide to get the straws, I would have had to purchase them. But a better-looking set of straws appeared for me the very next day, with an added advantage of it being freely available to me. Was this a coincidence? Synchronicity?

This experience is the power and ability of the self to manifest anything

Manifesting is the act of bringing to life something that you desire, or aim for. Say you want a new car, house, a better relationship or health situation or more money in your life, you can make all this happen for you.

There is a process behind this, which utilises mastery of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and words, and once you’ve mastered the process, you can repeat it so it can keep bringing you more of what you want in your life.

Here are some things to familiarise yourself with when manifesting – I created the 3V Manifesting Process, that should help :

Visionise -Know what you want. If you need a new set of tyres for your car, but don’t quite have the financial means to get them, then know that what you need is money. Or, a new set of tyres.

Vaporise all self doubt or anxiety – Say you want money, but there are beliefs within you that say you can’t have that money. These beliefs need to be shifted or silenced, because they limit your ability to manifest

Visualise success – Our mind is such a powerful tool, but often underutilised. By focusing our thoughts and emotional intensity on what we want instead of how things are right now, the thing that we want will have to be ours. Visualising is the practice of focusing your thoughts and emotions on the future state, when you’ve already obtained what you want.

Manifesting is not magic. It’s not something out of this world either. It is a result of self mastery. When we master the tools we’ve been given – our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and words – and uniformly use them like a laser beam to focus on our desires, manifesting happens.

That’s what happened to me and the straws.

When you’ve manifested something before, you understand how to do it – you’re in the flow. And you will realise that suddenly, things start coming to you quite effortlessly, without you having to do the hard work. It will look like someone planned it so you can enjoy the gift. But in reality, the Manifesting Maestro within you orchestrated this.

This 3V Manifesting Process is very powerful and can be used for more than just manifesting parking spots, cars, houses or money.

  • Career, promotion, income – You can also manifest the career of your dreams, or a promotion, or a dream income. I manifested a job that paid me double, and then another which paid me double of that. Is it really possible? Absolutely – the limit exists only in your mind. I manifested an increment when the company I worked for swore that because of the bad economy, nobody would receive any monetary increase.
  • Business – You can also manifest the ideal business client. Instead of struggling with clients who are not happy to pay for your service, or who constantly don’t keep up with their promises, start manifesting that ideal, full-paying client who is happy and proud to be your client.
  • Health – You can also manifest an ideal health condition. One of my clients wanted to manifest a healing for her mother. We did some visualising work together, and the result was amazing. You can heal yourself, and you can also visualise someone else healing.

I can help you manifest anything. Drop me an email when you’re ready and let’s start working on making this happen for you.

To your optimum life,
Sharm Siva

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