One of my coaching clients wanted to work on improving her financial situation. Her roof was leaking and she had a lot of issues with her car – and the money coming into her life was just not enough.

Her question to me was – if she should apply for a job. “What if,” she asked me, “I’m too old to go back to work?”

Her question didn’t startle me, because I do get asked that a lot. Whether I’m helping my clients manifest cash or clarity, a job or a business, a better health or relationship status, there are always very many “What if” scenarios that hold them back.

“What if I take this job and a better offer comes along?”

“What if I manifest great success and I lose my friends because of it?”

“What if I decide to work on my business, and go broke?”

“What if nobody wants to marry me because they’re intimidated by me?”

What Ifs are good, because they can actually expand you … or stifle you, if you’re asking What-If questions like the ones above.

What if (pun intended), you start asking What-If questions that serve you:

“What if I accept this job offer and find out that it’s one of the best job experiences I’ve ever had?”

“What if I become ultra successful, and my friends are elated for my success?”

“What if I decide to focus on my business, and new avenues of making money open up for me?”

“What if there is a perfect man for me who can appreciate and respect my success?”

What-Ifs can break or build you. They can stop you from achieving massive success, or they can become your partner in helping you achieve more in life.

It’s up to you what you want to use your What-Ifs for.

The 7 Day What If Challenge

Challenge yourself for 7 days to observe your What Ifs.

Just notice the words you say to yourself or out loud and how many of them are What Ifs.

And then, pay attention to whether your What Ifs make you feel good, or if they drain you.

You have the ability to chart the course of your life – and your words can help you a great deal on this journey.

What if today is the day where something so amazing happens for you?

Coach with Sharm Siva today. Sharm is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, who works with people who want to experience betterment in one or more areas of their lives. She has helped people realise their own ability to manifest better money, health, relationship and career stories. Find out more at

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