Just imagine, that Money is your friend, and one day at lunch, you and Money have a conversation.

“What do you think of our relationship?” you ask

How do you think Money will respond to you?

You see, whether you realise it or not, you are having a conversation with money every single day, when you

  • Think about your money situation
  • Want to buy something
  • Start having dreams of living in a bigger house or driving that super cool car
  • Pay the bills
  • Witness someone else’s money issues
  • Notice someone in your life receiving a large amount of money

Everything you think about money, every feeling you radiate when it comes to a money situation, your belief as to whether or not something you want can be yours – becomes your conversation with money, which in turn, becomes the money story you live, which will determine the amazingness of the money situations you experience.

You can either see money in a supportive, or a non-supportive light.

If you have experiences where money feels unsupportive to you, then money’s voice might sound like this

  • Why can’t you see that if I’m with you, I can’t be with anyone else – why are you so selfish?
  • I think you have very big asks, which are so unnecessary and wasteful – can you ask for less?
  • Why are you asking for a new car when your current one works just fine?
  • How dare you ask for more?
  • When you ask for more, you’ve proven that you’re not a nice person
  • How can you live in that large mansion by the sea when millions of people are homeless and poor? 

How annoying is that?!

To be in a relationship, everyday with money – and to know that it doesn’t support you.

Not only is this annoying – it is super unfortunate that you are in a relationship that

  • Cannot show up for you
  • Disrespects you
  • Does not love you
  • Does not support you
  • Does not empower you
  • Undermines your abilities
  • Sees you as less
  • Believes you are not enough

I think we’ve left people-based relationships for less reasons!

Here’s what you MUST know.

Your relationship with money has EVERYTHING to do with whether or not money comes to you.

And you can choose how this relationship will turn out, by changing how you see and interact with money.

In business, your relationship with money has EVERYTHING to do with your income, sales and clients. 

If you believe that money is on your side, you will experience

  • Clients finding you, whether or not you do massive advertising or product launches
  • Continuous sales whether or not you’re in a good economy
  • Money flowing in through your business in any situation

If you can convince yourself that money wants to be a positive, empowering, transformative partner with you in your business, then you will start experiencing a better money story.

How amazing is that?

To know that the relationship you’re in 

  • Can support you no matter how big your asks are
  • Really enjoys your company and dreams
  • Wants to partner with you to empower others

Remember, you can choose how you want money to speak to you

And I’ve got 5 very empowering messages from money to you today:

1. I’m always going to be here for you

2. I want you to ask for more and live big because nothing fulfils me more than to support you in realising all your desires

3. I absolutely rejoice in all your wins, and want to be a part of your life

4. I love how much joy you bring to your family and clients and I’d love to partner with you as you uplift all those people and their lives

5. I’d love to partner with you in your business so together, we can make a larger difference

Bask in the joy of knowing that money wants to be there for you. And live your life, and run your business from this place of knowing.

I guarantee you, the results will be beyond amazing!

Hi, I’m Sharm Siva, and I’m a Money Mindset Transformationalist. I work closely with passionate entrepreneurs like you to grow your income, sales and clientele, by showing you how to bridge the gap between where you are now, and your Millionaire Self, by transforming your relationship with money.

I’d love to hear about your money mindset and answer any questions you might have, so add me on Facebook and let’s chat. 

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