If you’re not getting the success you want in your business, always check in first, with your relationship with money.

In a relationship where money supports you, your money story will be thriving. On the other hand, a less supportive money relationship can cause you to see no, or less income, clients or sales in your business.

The ONE thing you can do right now to change this, is to train your brain to accept a new truth – that money loves you and wants to support you.

Let me tell you something about how the brain works, so you’ll understand better, why repetitions are critical when we’re working on creating a new money story.

When we do anything, it registers in the human brain as pathways between 2 brain cells. The brain works to strengthen or weaken a pathway, and that’s how a habit or a pattern gets created, or broken. 

Let me explain this by tying this a money-related habit

For example, if you live with someone who feels anxious about spending money, and if you’re sharing a bank account or credit card, then you’ll think twice every time you want to spend on something. How did this happen?

So the first time this person expresses discomfort at spending money, you learn this. Your brain learns this. The pathway that gets connected in the brain, basically says “Spending money = anxiety”.

Now, as you keep being with this person, of course you’ll experience more of their discomfort spending money. So your brain will strengthen this pathway it has created on spending money – and that message “Spending money = anxiety” is remembered even stronger than before.

Now, fast forward a few years later, this pathway has become super strong. So, whenever you experience a situation where spending is involved, the brain automatically associates this to a feeling of discomfort or anxiety.

Now at this point, you’re not consciously feeling these feelings – as the brain has taken over, responding on auto pilot.

What results, is a limiting belief that you now have and is so strong because you have experienced this over and over again. And this belief pops up every time you spend, and now this, becomes your money story. 

That’s how we end up having limiting beliefs, and the ONLY way to change your money story, is to override these beliefs, by introducing a new pathway to the brain – an alternate reaction to the trigger of spending, in this case

When you declare or experience something over and over, it becomes a truth in your brain. The more times you do it, the more the brain remembers – and soon, it will respond in this way on auto-pilot.

And therein, lies the great power of repetition

So now, to introduce the brain to a new way of thinking, we start by declaring new messages that oppose those limiting messages. So instead of the message “Spending money = anxiety”, we can say “Spending money = joy” or “Spending money = possibility” or “Spending money = possible because I have so much money”

At first, the brain is going to resist this new message, because the brain does not like change. But when you repeat this new message, eventually, it will become the new norm. 

So, that’s what we’re going to do today.

In today’s podcast, we look at 5 empowering money messages you can declare everyday, to introduce to your brain, a new way of looking at money. Do this often enough, and your brain will use this new perspective as a go-to whenever it experiences a money-related scenario.

Say these at least twice a day, in the morning as soon as you’re up, and once more before bed. But ideally, to make this stick, set an alarm for every hour of the day, and when it goes off, repeat these declarations. Do this for 21 days.

Just imagine where you’d be 21 days from now – and how you’d be experiencing money in your life. I can promise you, that it’s going to a BIG win for you.

Here are the 5 money declarations

  1. Money wants to prosper me everyday
  2. Everywhere I turn today, a new business win greets me
  3. Money loves to be with me because through me, it knows it can uplift so many people
  4. I earn a 7-figure income easily because I know money loves me and wants to support me
  5. Money comes to me in any situation because it knows that through me, it can change more people’s lives for the better

You can also declare these, as if money was speaking to you directly

  1. I want to prosper you everyday
  2. Everywhere you turn today, a new business win will greet you
  3. I love to be with you because through you, I know we can uplift so many people
  4. You earn a 7-figure income easily because I love you and want to support you
  5. I will come to you in any situation because I know that through you, we can change more people’s lives for the better

Hop on a call with me to brainstorm some other declarations that invoke greater feelings within you. 

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