Today’s message is very important, mainly because it delves deeper into how you respond to money in your life. How you respond to money, becomes the conversations you have with money. And while we already know this from the previous articles, most of us still are quite unaware of the impact of how we respond to money

You may be out with your friends, and you’re talking about stuff. And suddenly, you come to the topic of money. And you realise that everyone around you talks about how it sucks to be poor, how there’s never enough money, how Sally is super rich and whether that’s fair. It sounds perfectly normal. No big deal, a bunch of friends dissing their life and other people’s lives. It’s really no big deal. We’re just joking. We’re just having fun. 

See THIS is what usually goes unnoticed. How our normal, everyday life impacts our money story.

We don’t even realise that what we say about money is coming right back into our own money story. And everything you say, do, think and act on when it comes to money or money-related scenarios, BECOMES your money story.

So say you’re walking to the train station, and on the way, you see a dollar note on the street. What would you do?

In actuality, it really doesn’t matter what you do about it.

  • You might pick it up. You might leave it be.
  • You might put it in your pocket.
  • You might give it to the next person you see who lives on the street.
  • You might donate it.
  • You might use it to get yourself a cup of coffee. 

What you do with that money is not at all important.

What matters 100% is WHY you did it

And what went through your mind as you processed this situation

Here are 3 reasons why

–> One

How you see money on the street becomes your money story. It becomes your conversations with money. It is money saying hello, and it’s waiting to see how you respond. 

Some people say money is testing you.

Again, how you see this becomes your money story. 

It’s not a test to play with you. It’s a test for it to see if you have the environment to nurture money in your life right now. Money dislikes tight energy. And it’s testing the waters to see if living with you is going to be something that’s easy.

I know someone who dislikes any drama at all. As soon as you go to her for any advice, she builds a wall. If you have issues and go to her, she builds a wall. Anything confusing and she shuts off. She wants ease. She wants a relationship where she doesn’t have to work hard. Or struggle. 

Money is the same way. Money does not like drama. It is not aligned to the tight energy of self pity or blame in your money story. It does not like it when you worry about it, or when there’s pain in thinking about it.

Money wants to know that it is safe with you. And it feels safe in this energy of lightness. A knowing that money is always going to be there for you. A confidence in the place  of worry about whether money is going to come to you. A calmness in place of anxiety.

And some people do this REALLY well.

You know them. They are the people who keep getting richer, even in the worst of economies. They are the people who sell their houses at a profit even in the worst real estate market. In Australia, we are used to having open houses as an option when selling out property. Due to covid, open houses were not allowed initially, so that meant, less people viewing the houses at one time. But even then, the reports say that the expensive million dollar houses in Sydney sold above asking price. How is this happening? 

What seems like luck, is actually a good relationship with money.

You see these people and you say, boy, they’re lucky.

  • They win the lottery.
  • Economy is down and she bought a new car.
  • People around the world’s are suffering of hunger, but he eats at expensive restaurants everyday 

I know someone who shared a story with me once upon a time ago. She told me that she didnt like to cook. And how she, her husband and child would go for dinner at a hotel everyday. Everyday! That story really expanded me. It made me see how the other half lives. 

And that’s another thing right? How you see these experiences once again, becomes your money story. Really check in with yourself and see how every money experience impacts you.

Would you hear this story and say…how greedy or how selfish. What a waste of money? Are you angry with how some people spend their money? Do you wish that you had that money instead because you’d be able to do so much more for so many people if you had it? 

It’s normal to feel this way. 

But, remember this…how you feel about ANY money scenario becomes your money story.

Where you’re coming from when you’re asking for and desiring money is EVERYTHING that matters. And you can’t lie about this. Not to yourself. Not to money.

So when you see money on the street, what you do with it is irrelevant. HOW you feel about it becomes your money story.

If you look at that money and say 

“Someone must have dropped it, I’ll go drop it off at the police station” – there’s not a lot of tightness there. The message you’re saying is, you belong to someone else.

If you say

“Hey, money, I see you! Thanks for showing yourself to me” and then go drop it at the police station” – what you’re doing is exactly the same, right?

But you told money that you saw it. You celebrated abundance coming into your life. And every time you do this, you’re opening your channels of receiving. Money loves to be seen, acknowledged and celebrated – all these are light feelings that it loves to breed in. So of course, this is sending a message to money that it wants to hear. So whatever you do with the money you found after that is your choice. Some people tie that to their values – that’s fine. But help your money story by celebrating this money you found ‘by chance’ – or is it really by chance? Maybe it’s money saying hi to you – how do you respond?

–> Two

Sometimes, when you see this money, you may fall into a state of confusion – oh, this is abundance. Should I take it. Should I leave it. Should I donate it?

This energy of confusion is also tight, and money does not life confusion. So stay away from this confused energy.

You know this energy. It comes up when you have to make big decisions in your life. Many many people are confused on how they should respond to someone asking them to buy their courses or programs. I really want to work with that person, but I can’t afford to. Confusion. Should I just put this on my credit card and see what happens? What if I’m not able to pay this? Confusion. 

This state of confusion is all too common, but it’s something you should keep away from your money story. 

Confusion tells money that you’re not aligned to its energy of lightness. Confusion says…I believe, but I’m not sure. That’s not conviction at all. That’s not confidence. That’s doubt.

The next time you want to make a purchase and you’re overwhelmed with this energy of confusion, take a breather. Walk away from the situation for a bit. Think of your options. And aim to reach that calm state of knowing. Of balance. Neuroscientists advise us not to make decisions when we’re in the state of confusion or when you feel that edginess. How many times have you felt that anxiety, panic, edginess before hitting the Buy Now button? It could be for the $200 bag or that $20,000 program. That energy is not ideal to money.

So when you see money on the street and feel confused as to what to do, leave it. Because in that state, whether or not you pick that money up, will make no difference. Because energetically, you’ve repelled money by not being sure what this appearance of money means to you. 

–> Three

I know someone who picks up every single coin he sees on the street. And guess what – he keeps finding them. And the more he finds them, the more he has to pick up. He does not have a single shroud of doubt in his mind that money is showing itself to him. He knows that money is saying hello, and he wants to say hello back.


This man is highly religious. And someone once asked him why does he pick money up and not leaving for someone else who needs it more. And his answer is simple – money found me, and it’d be wrong to chase it away. 

Once someone even asked him – why are you picking money up as if you don’t have enough? And he said, I’m picking this up because it has come to me. 

So simple. Full of conviction.

How can money deny him when he is so convinced that money on the street means that money sees him? And that money wants to be with him?

He is not one person who continues saying “Money loves me, I love money”

None of that

But he believes everyday, that money will come to him

And it does

And he believes that when he sees money, that money has come to him. That money has found him.

See, is he true?

Is what he did the right thing?

For him it is. And that’s all that matters

Your money story relies 100% on how you see money. On how you define your ability to receive. It’s all in the WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

  • You pick up that money. Why
  • You leave the money there. Why
  • You donate that money. Why

And beneath all these WHYs is your money story. That dominant belief within you about money. It’s your relationship with money.

Every single opportunity you have when it comes to money, is a platform to open up or close your channels of receiving.

Every single response you have to a money situation is your message to money, a message that money is going to use to decide how to respond to you in future.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste

So what do you do the next time you see money on the street? Doesn’t matter

What’s the right thing to do? You decide that

But most importantly, watch the feeling that goes through you. Watch that thought that fills your mind.

What is it saying?

And no matter what you decide to do with that money, remember to exercise your power, your ability to bring more money to you, by appreciating this evidence that money has decided to show itself to you. That money has decided, that of all people it could show up for, that it has decided to show up for you.

How can you not feel the love in that

When you are convinced, no matter what your beliefs are, no matter what your truths are, that money wants to be with you, then money cannot deny you. Money will rush to you. Trust that

I’ll leave you with that thought for today. And since we’ve put so much energy into how money is showing up for you, don’t be surprised that it does.

Could be on the street, could be under the couch, maybe it’s someone buying you a free lunch (yes, there is such a thing as free lunches), maybe it’s a buy one free one offer for your favourite item, it could be ANYTHING

Money is going to want to show up with you.

Before you go to bed tonight, or as you start your day, declare this onto your money story

“Money, I welcome you to come to me today in anyway. I see you, I love you.”

Hop on a call with me to brainstorm some other declarations that invoke greater feelings within you. 

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