The Power Of Celebrating Money Everyday

As a money mindset transformationalist, I always tell my clients to celebrate ANY and EVERY amount of money or abundance that has showed up for them. And I mean ANY form of abundance, which includes

  • Money they received
  • An income
  • Money they found
  • A discount
  • A treat from someone
  • Free gifts
  • Lottery wins
  • …ANY form of abundance

The main reason for celebrating money, is to tell money that you see it. That you see it coming into your life and that you appreciate that it has come in for you.

Whether or not you realise it, every single thought we have about money, everything we say about money, everything we expect from money – these are conversations that we have with money. And the quality of those conversations will directly impact how we experience money in our lives.

I’ve worked with so many people on their money mindset, that I’m honestly not surprised at what people say about money anymore. One lady told me that she believed she was not destined for richness, and that she believed she was cursed. I cringe when I hear statements like these, because I’m very aware that these words are the exact things that are keeping her stuck in a limiting money story.

Another lady lost $150, and when we spoke, I asked her if she could bring some lightness and drop the tightness around the experience. She told me that she can see how the people who stole from her probably needed that money very much. She had changed her situation through her thoughts. And then we affirmed that she would receive 10 times more the amount she lost. And within a few days, she messaged me saying that there was some positive progress in her car business, that was stuck for almost a year.

Everytime we can celebrate money, we open ourselves up to receive abundance. We increase our chances of receiving money and abundance when we try our best to see every bit of money coming into our lives, as something empowering. And, like my client did, it would help to see the goodness in every experience – even the seemingly negative ones.

So here are some ways you can celebrate money, to open yourself up to more abundance:

  • Open your wallet, look inside, and say Thank You to every form of abundance you have in there. It could be cash, coins, debit cards, anything – because those are the things that allow you to enjoy more of the good things in life
  • For an entire day, appreciate all forms of abundance that has come into your life. Open a spreadsheet or a notebook and write it down. How did abundance come to you – through a discount, did you find money, did someone give you a treat? What was the amount or value of this abundance? When you start tracking the money that comes in, you will start looking forward to how money will come to you – and trust me, you will ALWAYS have something to celebrate. Your brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) will constantly be on the lookout for more money.
  • Say “Thank you, Money!” to every single thing around you. Acknowledge that the couch you’re sitting on, is something you bought with money. Or, if someone gave the couch to you, they bought it with money. The food you eat is bought with money. The streets you walk on were paid for by the government. The trees you see are most probably something someone had planted. The books you read are what you bought with money. The idea of this exercise, is to remind you that almost everything around you has a dollar equivalent attached to it – and these are something that you’re enjoying. So, money has seen you and come to you in such magnificent ways – acknowledge this and celebrate money

The more you look for money or abundance to celebrate, the more you will find this money and abundance to be celebrated.

Like attracts like – you can’t celebrate, appreciate, have fun with money and experience the opposite.

Be genuine as you celebrate any form of abundance that has come to you. This is the BEST thing you can do to progress your money story

Hi, I’m Sharm Siva, and I’m a Money Mindset Transformationalist. It is my greatest passion to show people how to open up to abundance, through transformative mindset work. I use a blend of concepts from psychology, neuroscience and the Law of Attraction to help you experience money in a more empowering way. Come join me in my Facebook group, where we have constant reminders, discussions and celebrations around the topic of money. 


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