What I Learnt About Manifesting From My Trip To Rome

Once upon a time ago, I was experiencing struggles in my business and financially. These struggles ate deep into me, and what resulted, was months of depression. During this phase, I couldn’t do much – I couldn’t wake up in the morning, I sometimes did not even want to wash up or eat. I would just lie in bed.

One day, I got bored lying in bed, and I decided to do something that would bring me even the slightest joy – and I started watching movies. My husband and I had lots of movies saved on our computer, and I would just watch reruns for days. That gave me a spark of hope that things were not as dark as they seemed.

It was at the time that I attracted The Secret into my life. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and attended a session with a Law of Attraction coach. There, I learnt the art of scripting.

Scripting is basically writing out the story you want to live. The aim of scripting, is to introduce you to the life you desire, as you write down that ideal lifestyle. The more you are able to know this lifestyle you desire, the more you’d be able to tap and step into it.

In my ideal life scripting, I wrote about many things. I wanted to make RM100,000 a year (about $25,000). I wanted to be recognised in my industry, and so, I wrote that people would applaud me. I wanted to travel the world.

Of all the things that I scripted, travel was the most enjoyable story. I wrote about how I was standing in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome – for me, that was so easy to visualise (another Law of Attraction Technique). I saw myself in front of the iconic fountain, I could see the. fountain in clear detail – the rocks, the carvings on it, the water flowing down. I heard the birds chirping around me, and the people talking. I felt the gold coin in my right hand, I could feel myself smiling excitedly as I flung the gold coin into the fountain and made a wish.

I saw this entire experience in such clarity.

2 weeks later, my husband received news that his company was sending him to London for a Job Fair, and…guess what? My husband wanted me to come with him!

I remembered thinking, that I’d be going to London – but what’s happening with my dream trip to Rome? But I said nothing. I just watched as it beautifully unravelled for me. I did not want to ask my husband for extra money so I could travel to Rome – I was not making much, and I did not want to trouble anyone else. But what unfolded, was miraculous.

A week before the trip, my husband asked me if I wanted to travel to Europe. I told him I was worried about the cost. We did the budgeting, and realised that it would cost us close to RM8000 to make this trip. “Let’s do it” he said. “It’s worth it”

And so that’s how it happened – I went to Rome! I saw the Trevi, in her glamorous beauty. And I also went to 14 other countries. This trip expanded me so much. Not only was I so grateful that I was able to travel so extensively, seeing the most beautiful places, meeting great friends – I was witnessing first hand how beautifully the Law of Attraction had worked for me.

My husband left for home as I continued my tour to Europe. And the day he got back, he called me and told me that he had received a RM10,000 bonus from his company for his performance. That amount covered the trip, with more to spare. I was almost in tears!

Everything happened so beautifully for me. I felt so honoured to witness such goodness, such ease. It’s like Life coordinated everything so perfectly so I could have what I wanted, and more.

When I returned home after the tour, I got a job offer that paid me RM96,000 a year, very close to my asking income of RM10,000 – and 6 months later, I was promoted and received a salary increment, bringing my income to RM105,000, more than what I had asked for. Once, when I was organising an event for the high performers at work, my boss thought that I had done a great job, and stopped the ceremony, to ask everyone to applaud me.

When I looked back at the year that was, the feeling that runs through me is extreme gratitude. Everything that I had scripted, became a reality for me. Some faster than others – but I received everything that I had wanted, and then some.

So, here’s what I’d learnt about manifesting from this entire experience

  1. We manifest better when there’s less resistance – I manifested my trip to Rome within 2 weeks of my ask, because I didn’t resist it. I had issues visualising that I’d be earning RM100,000 a year, but I had zero resistance visualising my trip to see the Trevi. Less resistance gets us there faster
  2. Visualisation helps get us there faster – because when we can see in our mind, how we’re living in our desired life, our brain sees this as a potential reality. The brain cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined experience. The more often we do this, the brain accepts this as a reality, and through the Reticular Activating System, the brain finds ways to make this reality in the mind, become a reality in our physical life.
  3. We manifest best from a state of calm – when I came back from my trip to Europe, I was in the calmest state of being. I had so much fun, and I’d spend everyday reliving that fun. And every night, I slept more peacefully. Happiness does that to us – it brings us calm. And this calm allowed me to be open to receiving everything else on that list I scripted.

I learnt, most importantly, that what I want can be mine. I can create the reality I want to live in by focusing more of my energy towards those things that can make me happy, instead of evidence in my current life, of what’s not working quite well.

I could not manifest from a depressed state of being, and when I got myself out of this darkness, I opened myself to receiving abundance, and abundance came in.

Often, we unintentionally and unknowingly block the flow of abundance from reaching us, when we hold on to things that limit us. Letting go of these limits directly opens us up to the abundance we desire, and so much more

Hi, I’m Sharm Siva, and I’m a Money Mindset Transformationalist. It is my greatest passion to show people how to open up to abundance, through transformative mindset work. I use a blend of concepts from psychology, neuroscience and the Law of Attraction to help you experience money in a more empowering way. Come join me in my Facebook group, where we have constant reminders, discussions and celebrations around the topic of money. 


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