Have You Met Your Millionaire Self?

The reason why you’re not yet living the life and money story you desire, is because you’ve not yet become the person who can enjoy or understand the lifestyle that you’re desiring. Does this make sense?

When I just started working decades ago, I rarely shopped for things, and one of those things, were handbags. I wouldn’t get another handbag until the one I was using broke or became damaged. And I would always only go to the discounted section and get bags that were on a 70% discount.

One day, my husband came home and shared an experience that totally expanded me forever. He asked me if I had heard of Hermes, the brand – and at that time, I hadn’t. He told me that his colleague was parading a handbag she had recently purchased from Hermes, and my husband asked me to guess how much that bag costs.

At the time, the most expensive handbag that I had ever owned, was RM100 (about $25), and so I guessed higher – RM 200? No. RM 500? No. RM 1000? No.

I was honestly shocked! How much could a bag possibly cost?

My husband told me that the bag was RM 25,000 (about $6000) – and I was stunned! Firstly, my mind didn’t know that bags could cost so much, and secondly, my mind couldn’t fathom who would spend so much for a bag.

I was definitely expanded that day. Which was a brilliant thing – because I took a step closer to becoming the person who can understand and appreciate living a lifestyle that could afford me a $6000 handbag.

You cannot get what you don’t understand – this is the Law of Attraction.

You cannot become a millionaire, and live a millionaire life, unless and until you can understand what being a millionaire feels like. Some feelings must be invoked from you, for you to start gravitating towards the thing that you want.

So, if you’re right now living a life where you’re not yet living your desires, then it’s because you don’t quite understand how you would feel upon receiving those desires.

How would it be, really, to have a million dollars? Really think about it. How does Millionaire You look like? Where does she shop? What work does he do? Are they still working? What kinds of shoes do they wear? What house are they living in? What car do they drive?

Take some time to picture your Millionaire Self living that Millionaire Life.

And FEEL what your Millionaire Self is feeling as they go about living their daily life. When you can see this, you can step into this Millionaire version of yourself more often, and eventually, this desire will become a reality.

Try this:

  1. Imagine your Millionaire Self and how they live
  2. Spend 5 minutes before bedtime every night picturing this. Picture living this Millionaire Life
  3. Really FEEL what your Millionaire Self would feel as they go about their day – is this excitement? Joy? Peace?

Remember, that your Millionaire Self needs to first exist in your mind before they can become a physical reality.

Meet your Millionaire Self, and enjoy spending time with and as them. You’ll become that version of yourself very soon

Hi, I’m Sharm Siva, and I’m a Money Mindset Transformationalist. It is my greatest passion to show people how to open up to abundance, through transformative mindset work. I use a blend of concepts from psychology, neuroscience and the Law of Attraction to help you experience money in a more empowering way. Come join me in my Facebook group, where we have constant reminders, discussions and celebrations around the topic of money.


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