How Decluttering Opens Your Channels Of Receiving

How you do something, is how you do everything

I can’t quite remember exactly when or where I first heard this, but it definitely hit home. As a money mindset transformationalist, I have met many people who tell me that they’re struggling with money.

Some used to have a big income, and now, not anymore because of the pandemic. Some have businesses that are just not making money, or that have no clients now. Basically, the feeling they have when it comes to money, is “stuck”.

Usually, when I observe someone feeling stuck when it comes to money, I know that they are holding on to something within them, that is keeping them stuck (how you do something, is how you do everything)

This thing that is keeping them stuck could be an old anger that they’re still harbouring towards someone in their lives, that has not yet been resolved. It could be grief that they’re still holding on from some past pain. It could be fear because of something unpleasant they’ve experienced.

Many people cannot make the connection between how an emotional tightness within them impacts how they experience money in their lives. But there is a connection – because money feels you. When you hold on to some anger, for example, this anger consumes a big space within you, and the more you use up this space for anger and other emotional tightness to reside within you, the less space you have for the light things like joy, peace, and yes, abundance too.

So, to receive more abundance and money, some space within you needs to be cleared up.

I get my clients to do releasing work. Something they can do physically, that symbolises the release of this tightness within them.

One activity I often suggest, is the decluttering of their physical space. It could be an office, or a room in the house, or even a cupboard, or the car boot. Any space that is lived in, that feels messy, is the exact thing that needs some attention and clearing up.

You see, abundance and money are energy. And this energy cannot come to you if you’re somehow blocked within you.

Living in a space that is messy, or that makes you feel uncomfortable, can potentially become a money block. Clearing this space up will help you feel free generally, and this freeing feeling opens up your channels of receiving – it opens up what’s been keeping you stuck.

Try this:

  1. Identify a physical space in your office or house that you are not entirely comfortable or happy with.
  2. Select one area to declutter – starting small prevents the risk of overwhelm, so start clearing up one area, and then work your way to more areas or a bigger space.
  3. Once you’ve cleared this space up, celebrate, by telling yourself that this is a very good job done.
  4. Also, affirm something empowering that signifies how this physical decluttering means that your channels of receiving are also cleared. You can say something like “As this space is now cleared, so will my channels of receiving – I now invite money to come into my life freely and easily”

Remember that any space you use for anger, fear, envy, regret, guilt or other forms of emotional tightness, means that there is less space for joy, peace, abundance and money.

When you’re aware of this, you will start paying more attention to your feelings, and focus more on feelings that can bring money to you, and not those who keeps it away.

Hi, I’m Sharm Siva, and I’m a Money Mindset Transformationalist. It is my greatest passion to show people how to open up to abundance, through transformative mindset work. I use a blend of concepts from psychology, neuroscience and the Law of Attraction to help you experience money in a more empowering way. Come join me in my Facebook group, where we have constant reminders, discussions and celebrations around the topic of money.


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