What could your life look like if you had 4-weeks of coaching support to amplify your money mindset like never before?

Join the Abundance Mindset Magnified online program now, for a reduced price because we’re in beta testing mode!

What you get in the Abundance Mindset Magnified! Online Program

4 weeks of money mindset coaching to open yourself up to abundance like never before!

Weekly lessons
– 4 Weekly online modules
– 4 Weekly Live group Q&A calls
– Funtastic money mindset practise exercises
– Includes techniques like affirmations, letter writing to release emotional tightness, Ho’oponopono, forgiveness and healing

Daily Money Vibe Amplifiers
– “Daily Money Gift from the Universe” abundance exercise
– Daily Money Affirmations in your inbox

2 quizzes to identify money blocks
– Quiz 1 : What’s your relationship with money?
– Quiz 2 : What drives and potentially blocks your abundance?

4 amazing bonuses
– Bonus 1 : Affirmations on Releasing to Receive Abundance
– Bonus 2 : Celebrating Money Event
– Bonus 3 : Step Into Your Millionaire Self Party
– Bonus 4 : A one hour one-to-one coaching call with me (valued at $295)

You will be SO open to abundance by the end of this program.🥂

And of course, expect to see abundance start flowing into your life in the form of money, love, joy and goodness during the program


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Abundance Mindset Magnified

A 4-week online program designed to amplify your money vibes so you become the person who can attract your money goals to you

500.00 $

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