Abundance Mindset Magnified

What could your life look like if you had 4-weeks of coaching support to amplify your money mindset like never before?

What is this program about?

4 weeks of an amazing Money Mindset Experience to open yourself up to abundance and magnify your money vibes

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Daily Money Vibe Amplifiers
  • 2 quizzes to identify money blocks
  • 4 amazing bonuses

Weekly Lessons

Every week, we dive deep into transformative money mindset work, which includes:

  • 4 Weekly online modules 
  • 4 Weekly Live group Q&A calls
  • Fun and effective money mindset practise exercises

Includes techniques like affirmations, letter writing to release emotional tightness, Ho’oponopono, forgiveness and healing

Daily Money Vibe Amplifiers

When doing money mindset work, it is extremely important for us to keep the vibe and momentum up throughout the 4 weeks we have together

Here are some ways we’ll achieve this:

  • “Daily Money Gift from the Universe” abundance exercise
  • Daily Money Affirmations in your inbox
  • Celebrating money wins

2 quizzes to identify money blocks

We use quizzes to help us better identify our relationship with money, and what our money blocks could be

  • Quiz 1 : What’s your relationship with money?
  • Quiz 2 : What drives and potentially blocks your abundance?

4 amazing bonuses

Just because you’ve joined this program, you’re already on your way to living a gorgeous money story – and I want to gift you with some little extras:

  • Bonus 1 : Affirmations on Releasing to Receive Abundance
  • Bonus 2 : Celebrating Money Event
  • Bonus 3 : Step Into Your Millionaire Self Party
  • Bonus 4 : A one hour one-to-one coaching call with me (valued at $295)

Ready for abundance?


Abundance Mindset Magnified

A 4-week online course to amplify your abundance and magnify your money mindset – experience online modules, fun activities, quizzes, bonuses, daily money vibe amplifiers and Live Q&A coaching calls with money mindset transformationalist, Sharm Siva

500.00 $

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