30 Day Money Affirmations

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Affirmations are declarations you make to yourself – and they can be very powerful, because affirming something over and over again has the great potential to rewire your brain. It’s simple…if your money story right now is not working well for you, if it’s filled with struggles that you just know are unnecessary, if they are not empowering or uplifting you – then I say, DITCH IT! And start creating a new money story you’d just love to live in.

I’ve created this MP3 of 30 money affirmations just for you.

Here are some ways you can listen to them for best effect:

  1. You can listen to this entire audio, for 66 consecutive days – There’s a new research that says, it takes 66 days for the brain to accept a new truth. So let’s try this, for a little over 2 months, listen to this every SINGLE day without fail. You may not realise it, but when your brain listens to something over and over again without resistance, something happens – it starts to believe. So when your brain starts to believe that money comes to you easily, you’ll start to experience this amazing shift in how you experience money.
  2. You can read the affirmations in the PDF attached every day
  3. You can record these affirmations and play it every day
  4. You can pick one affirmation and say it for 66 days.
  5. You can pick one affirmation to repeat every day.

However you choose to do this, just don’t stop doing it.

The magic lies in the repetition. So please, for your sake, keep listening till something starts changing in how you experience money.


30 Day Money Affirmations – MP3

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