How Decluttering Opens Your Channels Of Receiving

How you do something, is how you do everything I can’t quite remember exactly when or where I first heard this, but it definitely hit home. As a money mindset transformationalist, I have met many people who tell me that they’re struggling with money. Some used to have a big income, and now, not anymoreContinue reading “How Decluttering Opens Your Channels Of Receiving”

Have You Met Your Millionaire Self?

The reason why you’re not yet living the life and money story you desire, is because you’ve not yet become the person who can enjoy or understand the lifestyle that you’re desiring. Does this make sense? When I just started working decades ago, I rarely shopped for things, and one of those things, were handbags.Continue reading “Have You Met Your Millionaire Self?”

What I Learnt About Manifesting From My Trip To Rome

Once upon a time ago, I was experiencing struggles in my business and financially. These struggles ate deep into me, and what resulted, was months of depression. During this phase, I couldn’t do much – I couldn’t wake up in the morning, I sometimes did not even want to wash up or eat. I wouldContinue reading “What I Learnt About Manifesting From My Trip To Rome”