Mastery Of Communications
Through Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
(with Colored Brain)
Batch 2

FELCRA participants of this virtual training can access all training resources here

1. Pre-training Assessment

Please complete this pre-training assessment before you start the training program

2. Join the Virtual Training on Microsoft Teams

Click the link below and you will be able to join the virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams 

Tuesday 21/4/2020 – Thursday 23/4/2020
2.00pm – 4.00pm

3. Download the Virtual Training Guide here [PDF]

4. Download the Step-By-Step Colored Brain Assessment Guide here – this will help you understand how this assessment works, from beginning to end.

5. Take the Emotional Drivers Quiz here – determine your top 3 emotional motivators

6. Training Slides – all presentation slides [PDF] will be available after the daily session

Post Training

*Please complete this section as soon as the Day 4 session has ended.

7. Post training assessment

8. Training Evaluation Form

9. Influence Toolkit For Leaders [PDF]

Need to contact the trainer? Email sharm79@gmail.com