Mindset Breakthrough Intensive

In these 2 one-hour intensive sessions, we find out more about what’s been blocking you from living a life of more abundance.

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“You don’t attract more abundance. You create the personality of having more abundance, and you step into that everyday until it becomes a reality in your physical world” Sharm Siva

How can these 2-hour sessions help you?

As you might already know, your transformation towards becoming the type of person who is open to abundance and the energy of receiving can take time. While I appreciate and endorse this, I also believe that we could all use a quick kickstart into this transformation, while we are inspired to do so.

So, I’m introducing an intensive 2-hour one-on-one coaching session with me, to speed up the process for you.

I use a combination of very powerful techniques to fast-track the process of identifying your money blocks and recommending techniques you can use to improve your abilities to open yourself up to receiving more abundance in your life, including:

  • Deep questioning technique – I ask you questions to dive deeper and quicker into your perception of your life experiences, and pick out a pattern that helps us identify your money blocks
  • Emotional Drives – You will take an Emotional Drives online assessment to identify what motivates you – and from here, we can quickly and effectively identify what’s been blocking you
  • Birth Order technique – I use birth order, which is a concept that tells me a lot more about who you are by understanding your birth order in your family – eg, first born, only child, last born, adopted, etc.
  • Law of Attraction – As a Law of Attraction and Law of Attraction for Wealth Certified Coach and Trainer, I will recommend highly customised and personalised techniques that you can immediately put to use to start seeing results in your life.
  • Directive Communication Psychology – As a certified Directive Communication Psychology Trainer, Coach and Consultant, I use licensed material which uses a blend of psychological and neuroscience (brain science) concepts to quickly and effectively identify how best to help you open yourself up to abundance.
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“Luxury must first exist as a state of mind” Sharm Siva

A Walkthrough Into The Sessions

Here’s what will happen:

  • I will ask you a series of questions and will be able to tell you on the 1st call, your top limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • I will coach you one-on-one, so you’re getting very personalised support. We will work closely to detect how your language from your old money story keeps popping up, and immediately shift that to your new money story, that your Millionaire Self lives in.
  • I will give you customised techniques to unblock these blocks, that you can instantly put into practice- 
  • I will be backed by powerful tools that help me help you in a laser-focused targeted manner, to see speedy results that you can replicate over and over again – tools from neuroscience, psychology and the Law of Attraction.
  • I am confident that you will witness massive shifts as soon as you start practising these techniques
  • You will achieve breakthrough moments, reach instant clarity and experience massive shifts as you step into your Millionaire Self like you never have before

Let’s get started

Mindset Breakthrough Intensive

This is a 2 hour coaching call with me one-on-one where you can gain valuable insights on your current money mindset and potential money blocks. You will leave this session with personalised techniques to open yourself up to more abundance in your life.


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