Let’s work together to bring in more money in your business.

If you’ve been struggling with money for awhile now, and like many others, if you’ve tried so many techniques and still find money an issue, then I would highly recommend getting on an Introduction Call with me. I’m confident you will work with me, because the benefits are tremendous. But even if you decide otherwise, I will give you some tactics to help you during the call.

What is this program about?

The Mindset Mastery Mentoring is a 12-week mentoring program to transform your relationship with money.

At the end of the program, it is expected that you will:

  • Understand the importance of working on your relationship with money
  • Identify your limiting money beliefs
  • Learn how to have a more empowering relationship with money
  • Have a system on how to align yourself to the energy of money on a daily basis
  • Apply techniques learnt weekly, in your life and business

What will the program include?

The Mindset Mastery Mentoring involves one-on-one mentoring with me, Sharm Siva, for 3 months.

Here are the components of the program:

  • Weekly support : Twice a week calls with me
  • Online modules : 5 themes
    1. Module 1 : Your Unique Mindset PersonalityTM using Colored BrainTM and Emotional DrivesTM – a closer look at how the unique wiring of your brain, and what emotionally drives you, have been impacting your money story. The first mindset coaching program in the world to incorporate the Colored BrainTM and Emotional DrivesTM methodologies, so you know you’re getting something very unique to you.
    2. Module 2 : Your Limiting Beliefs – learn how to catch your brain hooking on to an old pattern in your money story, that’s been limiting you, and shift this.
    3. Module 3 : Your Millionaire Self – learn how to step into your Millionaire Self everyday through a variety of powerful techniques.
    4. Module 4 : Catch and Tweak – I will help you instantly change your language, energy and story around money by observing how you converse. This is a very transformational exercise, that many have benefitted from, because I will instantly Catch how your brain is falling back onto your old money story, and help you Tweak this to something that you’d be proud of living in your new money story. Very personalised, very customised and highly effective.
    5. Module 5 : Keeping Up With The Momentum – now that you’ve experienced massive shifts, you have expanded, but your environment and the people in it might still be the same. Learn effective ways to keep your momentum up so you can keep stepping into your Millionaire Self after your time with the program.
  • Accessibility to me for the entire 3 months through chat or messenger – very effective quick one-on-one Q&As, where I address all your questions
  • Personalised report on your Unique Mindset PersonalityTM and how this explains how you currently see the world. This report will also provide information on your biggest money blocks.

Is this program for you?

If you’ve been earning an income that you know does not reflect the amount of effort, time and energy you’ve invested into it, then this program is DEFINITELY for you.

If you’ve been experiencing these:

  • No clients, or a lack of clients
  • No income, or a lack of income
  • Overwhelm, stress and burnout giving your all to the business, but receiving very little in return
  • You don’t know what you’re doing wrong
  • You wonder why everyone else is succeeding and you’re struggling
  • Doubt as to whether you’re undercharged or overcharged on your offerings
  • Fear that you might lose potential clients if you charge too high
  • Frustration because the last big investment you made on a training or coaching program didn’t quite work and you’re still paying for the course
  • Disappointed that it’s another year where you’re not able to pay off your debts and live that dream of a debt-free life
  • Upset that you can’t retire yourself or your partner and enjoy more of life’s experiences
  • You have the desire to spend more time with your kids and be more present as they grow into young adults
  • You miss doing things that fulfil your soul, like travelling, relaxing, enjoying nature, dressing up to go out, and have fun with friends, because you’re buried deep in your business

…then work with me.

Every single thing in the list above is connected to at least one limiting belief that has been holding you back for so long.

Life will continue being the same way it has been, unless you start training your brain to see and do things differently. Unless your brain experiences a shift, you will not be able to move from where you are.

Why this program works

Many people who want to see more money, clients and sales pour into their business, don’t know why it’s not happening for them yet – and this program helps identify the WHYs and transform them into WINS

They feel that

  • There’s a secret or a trick that they don’t know, that everyone else knows, and that’s why they’re not as successful
  • They’re not working hard enough
  • They’ve not found the perfect strategy
  • They’re not posting enough on their social media posts
  • Their posts are not interesting enough and that’s why they’re not getting the engagement they know their posts should be getting

I’ll tell you something I’ve learnt after working with so many entrepreneurs, and also, on myself – you’re not doing anything wrong.

But, change is going to be difficult until and unless you accept this truth:
Right now, your brain is sabotaging you. No, it’s not evil or diabolical – it’s just extremely efficient. The brain does not like to use its energy doing things that it has shortcuts to. It wants to conserve its energy to be able to perform its key role – and that is, TO KEEP YOU SAFE. And that needs a lot of energy.

Imagine if you’re in a zoo, and you heard that a lion has escaped from his gated zone. And suddenly, you see from the side of your eye, that the lion is standing right beside you. Immediately, you panic. You start sweating. Your eyes enlarge as your pupils dilate. You can feel your heart pounding hard. You stop breathing. This is actually the brain in action, keeping you safe. When you’re in this mode, the brain is working overtime to come up with solutions to keep you safe – the fight or flight mode. And this takes a lot of energy.

To conserve itself for moments like this, the brain will do 80% of its other activities, on auto pilot. So, when you need to respond to a situation that you face often, instead of thinking of new solutions it will dig deep down into its memory bank and find how you have responded to a similar situation in the past – and it will replicate that response. The outcome is, you will continue doing something the same way you’ve been doing it because the brain relies on patterns.

So if every time you see a donut, and it makes your mouth water, the brain will continue this response every time you see a donut. It replicates this response because it’s easier than thinking of a new way to respond.

Now, if you want to lose weight or increase your fitness, and you want to stop eating donuts, and you’ve decided that ‘No more donuts, no matter what’, what’s going to happen when you see the next donut, is that you’re going to start salivating. WHY? When you’ve already said no. Because your brain is being efficient. It keeps replicating your old response to the donut, despite your decision. Because that pattern of “Donut = Salivating” has become so strong in your brain because it has been used over and over again. And it’s not going to change that easily – because the brain is going to resist any change you introduce to it, because it’s role is to remain efficient.

The brain is not a decision making mechanism – it’s a pattern detection mechanism. So, it cannot decide if what you’re doing is good for you or not. It can’t decide to stop doing something because it’s not good for you, or because it’s damaging for you – because it literally cannot. YOU DECIDE, and you train the brain that this is going to be the new pattern.

When you introduce a change to your brain, it will resist. But when you continue enforcing this change despite your brain’s resistance and despite your brain making it hard for you, what happens is that this action becomes a new pattern. And when you keep repeating this pattern, your brain will eventually realise that this is what you want to do, and it will hook on to this new pattern.

This program works wonders, because it

  • Identifies your limiting beliefs by identifying your brain in action
  • Changes your limiting beliefs by creating a new pattern of thinking and talking when it comes to money
  • Repeats this pattern despite resistance from the brain or your environment
  • Opens up your channels of receiving by unblocking the blocks that have been limiting you
  • Causes you to experience massive transformations, which you will see as “miracles” or big wins in your life

The Wins

Through this program, clients have been able to see these massive shifts and synchronicities within the first 2 days:

  • Bought her dream house in her dream country
  • Won $600 in a lottery
  • Witnessed her mum win money in the lottery
  • Get featured in an exclusive event
  • Received 2 new clients in the morning
  • Received $550 in a day from 2 different channels
  • Received discounts when shopping
  • Received free gifts
  • Received a call from a loved one who they have not heard from in more than 6 years

This has happened because in the Mindset Mastery Mentoring, we dive straight into your limiting beliefs. So you witness immediate shifts in your life, because your channels of receiving that have been blocked for so long, are now being unblocked. So a rush of abundance will rush in.

How is this program different from other mindset coaching programs?

The Money Mindset Mastery Mentoring is unique because

  • It offers you specifically money mindset coaching for growing your business income
  • It mentors you using a powerful blend of the Law of Attraction, neuroscience and psychology
  • It is the only mindset mentoring program in the world to use Colored BrainTM and Emotional DrivesTM in its syllabus. Colored BrainTM and Emotional DrivesTM are licensed tools under the Directive Communications Psychology umbrella, and has been used by many organisations to determine how the brain processes information to gain clarity in an ambiguous situation and how to more effectively communicate with employees in the workplace. The tools are used here to better identify your brain and emotional needs, so you’d be able to optimally gain from the sessions. Read more about these tools here
  • It takes into account adult learning principles. I am a certified trainer in Australia, and have been training organisations for more than 15 years. My competencies include developing and conducting training programs for executives. Adult learning is quite different from teaching pedagogy, because adults have different learning needs. You can rest assured that I have injected my experience of adult learning into this program, to give you an optimal learning experience.

How much is this program?

The Mindset Mastery Mentoring is $5000.

Mindset Mastery Mentoring

Work one-on-one for 3 months with me, Sharm Siva and witness the blocks in your old money story disappear, and enjoy an empowering, new money story that you'd be proud to live in.


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