A podcast a day trains the brain to let go of old, limiting beliefs that you have absorbed and accepted as the truth, and create new, empowering beliefs that will be reflected in your business income and money story

Why do you need to step into your Millionaire Self everyday?

My podcast is all about helping you step into your Millionaire Self everyday. This is super important, because if you want to achieve a 6- or 7-figure income in your business and are not there yet, it’s only because there is a GAP between where you are right now, and that Millionaire Self, a future version of you who has everything you want now.

You can close this gap between your Millionaire Self and where you are now, by doing something everyday to get you closer to that Millionaire Self of yours.

These podcasts are super helpful because they are short, nugget-sized messages that, if listened to everyday, becomes a new routine your brain will pick up as a pattern – and this becomes a new norm for you.