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Let’s journey into your money mindset and make it gorgeous!


Mindset Mastery Mentoring

3-month one-to-one coaching with me
Work one-on-one with me for 3 months, and you’ll achieve mindset breakthroughs in your money story in an impactful, meaningful and powerful way

Mindset Breakthrough Intensive

2 one-hour online one-to-one sessions with me
My coaching clients usually see massive shifts in their money story within the first week of our sessions – most see shifts within 2 days. In this intensive session, I will identify your money blocks, we’ll do some unblocking and you walkaway with powerful techniques you can instantly use – and enjoy quick results in your money and abundance experiences

Abundance Mindset Magnified

4-weeks online program with weekly live group Q&A calls
Join me for 4 weeks and amplify your money mindset! You’ll be on your way to become that person who can attract money easily

Money Maestro Online Course

Online course, self-study with 3.5 hours of video
Learn from 3.5 hours of videos and 59 downloadable resources in this online course, the best way to take a look into my teachings and how I can help you. Many students of this course say that they feel like I’m right there with them, walking with them as they start stepping into a more empowering money story


Money Relationship Quiz

Identify your current relationship with money
Take the Money Relationship Quiz and identify your current relationship with money and how this is impacting how you currently experience money in your life

15 Money Mindset FAQs

A PDF compilation based on my work as a mindset coach
Read this well compiled list of 15 most popularly asked questions on our money mindset, and my answers, based on my 15 years of experience helping people with their money mindsets. A great resource

Emotional Drives Quiz

Identify what’s driving and blocking abundance in your life
Take the Emotional Drives Quiz and identify what’s currently motivating you and potentially blocking you from being open and ready to receiving abundance in your life

My Facebook Group

A group that can help you magnify your money mindset
In my Facebook group, Magnify Your Money Mindset With Sharm Siva, we celebrate money! We celebrate each others’ money and abundance wins – all with an aim to amplify your money vibes. Come join us

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What some people have started experiencing…and some kind words

Thank you for that amazing session, Sharm Siva! Just caught the replay and am so grateful. I would like to share my celebratory news – today I am one step closer to closing the deal on my renter apartment! I was hoping that came through as I can totally see myself living in that state of joy

I won $18 in a lottery today!

I am celebrating with so much joy and pleasure the new clients that came into my business this week

I received $500 from my mom!

Another person who had to pay me, just paid! Woohooooo, I’m on a rolllll!

Sharm, do people tell you that you’re an angel? Honestly, when you appeared on my Facebook feed as someone I might be interested to know, I have felt like it was meant to be

Booked another client yesterday – 2 full priced clients!

I am back to watching the videos and taking down the affirmations in a notebook. I am gonna read this everyday

I am really enjoying this class. Though I have heard many of these concepts before, she has a fresh way of presenting them, and the exercises were eye-opening and very useful. I believe this class may be a turning point for me.Thank you so much!

Didn’t want to bombard you with every single win, so here are ten big wins since I’ve met you

I really enjoyed this course. Sharm comes across very sincere, genuine, and real and I appreciate that. I think when we all come to someone to share with us, to teach or help us we want to know they’ve been there too. Through Sharm’s stories and teaching, you know she knows where you are or might be. She’s been there too. 

Thank you so much for being there during tough times

I am thankful for your impact on me

I love the work you do. You are so amazing. I click with how you speak.

Just booked another client!

I had a phone screening interview today for a job where I’ll have a larger annual salary, a signing bonus and monthly stipends!!

Thank you Sharm. Always inspiring

Just wanted to post something wonderful that happened today. I was driving back home after having dropped off donations to a friend who was in need of help. I was thankful to the Universe for this opportunity. All of a sudden, I get a phone call from my mother who I haven’t seen in 6 years. This was my AHA moment. In the act of giving, I opened the opportunity to receive….abundance is always watching and listening

Btw, I just got my first paying client yesterday! Actually, one of my beta clients who wants to continue. Wanted to share my win with you

I enjoyed the exercises the instructor gave us to do which I will definitely be using. I felt she was talking to me as if she was front of me which I liked. The videos were clear and the message was also direct and clear. I saw the preview yesterday around midnight and just fell in love with the course. I found the instructor inspiring and have given 5/5 for that reason. Cheers to you lady!!

Love all your Live sessions!!! Thank you!

Money is coming! Received RM500 today! I’m on a roll! I loved this, I’ve got goosebumps all over…

Hey Sharm! Ah…your messages are sooo refreshing. I am saving them to re-read when things come up again

By the way, I just signed my third client!

I wish I could be in touch with you 24/7 – thanks for helping me come out of this negative vibration and circumstances

Sharm, your message is one of the most wonderful things that happened today

I got paid extra for a program!

Wonderful course. I like that the instructor related the information to her personal life.

I want to share what I have learned from you, Sharm, and from the Live sessions – I want to make sure I credit and mention you. More people need to find you and know about you!

Let’s create the most amazing money story together.

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