When you master your mind, money will follow

As a money mindset transformationalist, I will show you how to become the person who can attract abundance, by focusing on adopting an abundance mindset everyday

How do you want to work on your money mindset today?

Hey there!

I’m Sharm Siva, your Money Mindset Transformationalist

In my work, I show you how to open yourself up to abundance like never before – by doing some core mindset shift work with you.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who are so driven, so ambitious, they’re extremely hard workers, they sacrifice time with their family to make sure that their business takes off, and while those are absolutely admirable traits, many of them have not yet seen a business income or level of success that matches the amount of work they’ve put into the business.

Do you believe that you should be earning more?

If you’ve answered a YES to the question above, then I welcome you to an expansion that you will never forget. One that will cause you to experience massive breakthroughs in your money mindset and also in your income.

The truth is, when you change how you see, interact with and experience money in your life, your relationship with money changes

You will be amazed at how much more money you can make, just by shifting away from some of those limiting beliefs about money and success you’ve been dragging with you over these years and maybe even decades.

Whatever your current income story is, I can show you how to transform it

I’m a certified Law of Attraction coach, and a Directive Communications Psychology trainer, and when you work with me in my signature coaching program Money Mindset Mastery, you will receive a powerful blend of techniques which involve mindset work, manifestation techniques, and concepts from neuroscience and psychology, which will guide you step-by-step on how you can transform your relationship with money.

This is probably the most significant work you will do to allow more money to come into your business...because when your money story changes, so does your income.

What’s Your Relationship With Money?

Find out what’s your current relationship with money – because you might be unknowingly chasing money away from your business. Knowing this relationship will help you identify the ideal relationship you want to have with money.

I’m here to help you change your relationship with money

Here’s what I know for sure

  • You’re not afraid of hard work – you’ve been putting in a LOT of hard hours into your business for years, maybe decades now
  • You KNOW that you have an amazing business offering, and it should be in great demand, but for some reason, it isn’t
  • You KNOW that you should be earning more in your business, but after trying so many things to get in the sales and clients, you’ve run out of ideas
  • You know WHY you need more money – you want the freedom. Freedom to spend time with your family instead of slogging it out in the business everyday and night, including weekends. Freedom to travel, to vacation, to REST.
  • You have BIG dreams with the money you desire – pay off the mortgage, buy the parents a new house, pay for someone’s medical bills, give your kids more.

I know you because I was you.

I used to work in project management and would leave the house at 5am and be back after midnight every single day. I used to overwork myself, even in jobs where I was underpaid. I craved for time with my family, and time to just relax. I used to have no income in my business for a long time, not knowing what I was doing wrong, or what else I was supposed to do to get clients.

But all that changed when I understood what I call “the energy of money”.

I began to experiment with this money energy and started to see chunks of money come to me when I worked to become aligned to this energy. I realised that whether I realised it or not, money and I are in a relationship. And the quality of that relationship depended on me – on how I saw money, on how I saw myself with money, on how I believed money feels about me.

And when I changed that, here are somethings that happened

  • I doubled my income within a month, and then quadrupled it in less than 3 years, where I was making $204,000 a year
  • I suddenly made $100,000 in one month through one training contract I secured with a telecommunications giant
  • I made more than $25,000 while I was creating the Money Maestro Online Course (talk about the energy of money!)
  • I manifested an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe within 2 weeks of asking for it (I asked to see the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and saw 14 countries in Europe!)
  • My dream car was a BMW 320i when I was 25, and 15 years later, I’ve owned 14 BMWs, 3 of them were the 320i’s.
  • I sold my house in Melbourne at a huge profit despite being promised by the realtors that because of the bad economy, I would have to sell it at a loss, at less than $400,000
  • I sold my house in Kuala Lumpur for close to RM 1,000,000, when I was told it would sell for less than RM700,000.

And these are only my experiences.

I have worked with people to increase their income, and the results overflowed into other areas of their lives too – money was coming from everywhere!

  • I worked with a client, who increased her income by $20,000 through the Money Maestro Online Program
  • A client from the Money Mindset Mastery Mentoring from Michigan needed $5000 to publish her book and attend her book signing at the local library, and manifested this within a week in the form of a worker’s compensation payout for her husband
  • A client from LA felt stuck in her vineyard business, and our work in the Money Mindset Mastery Mentoring brought in ‘surprise’ money from her other businesses as well.
  • I worked with a client on her money mindset, through the Money Mindset Mastery Mentoring and she received $4000 from her stock trading business
  • I helped a client release pent up anger she had against her father, and her years of no income or clients transformed, and she received her first client and income – and then another, and then another…

The biggest takeaway for me in every single positive money experience that either I or my clients have enjoyed, is that this relationship with money cannot be ignored

In the money mindset transformation work that I do with myself and my clients, here are some examples of exactly what we shifted:

  • We went from the belief that “Money is scarce” to “In my world, everyone is abundant”
  • We transformed a major mindset block which screamed “I have to save or else I’d not have money for a rainy day” to “I spend because I can spend – because I have so much money to spend”
  • We changed limits like “It’s ok if we’re not rich, as long as we’re happy” to “I’m super rich and I’m super happy!”
  • and tonnes more!

The biggest shift in this money mindset work, is the realisation that money can be a best friend, a supporter, an energy that wants us to succeed, to thrive, to grow and progress.

What fulfils me about my work, is that I still get goosebump-moments when a client calls me and says

  • I’ve received this amount of money! Or
  • Omg! I never expected money to come to me this way, but here it is! Or
  • My business is soaring! Or
  • I’ve just got another sign-up for my program!

I still get goosebumps and chills when a client tells me after a session, that money has come their way.

And this is my greatest joy. So yes, I’m here to help you change your relationship with money. Because it’s an investment that will be SO WORTH IT!

It’s time to get your own goosebump-moments when you notice money coming into your business and life.

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Some Kind Words From Our Clients


I really enjoyed this course. Sharm comes across very sincere, genuine, and real and I appreciate that. I think when we all come to someone to share with us, to teach or help us we want to know they’ve been there too. Through Sharm’s stories and teaching, you know she knows where you are or might be. She’s been there too. Each video is very short, and gets to the heart of message. Again, I must say I enjoyed this simple and easy approach very much. If you’re looking for simple, yet powerful life strategies and techniques that when applied, will actually help you ‘Rise to your Amazingness”, then this course is for you.



I am really enjoying this class. Though I have heard many of these concepts before, she has a fresh way of presenting them, and the exercises were eye-opening and very useful. I believe this class may be a turning point for me. Thank you so much!

Patricia Conley


I enjoyed the exercises the instructor gave us to do which I will definitely be using. I felt she was talking to me as if she was front of me which I liked. The videos were clear and the message was also direct and clear. I bought this course today and I finished this course today mainly because I was having fun but also because the course is quite short. I saw the preview yesterday around midnight and just fell in love with the course. Its short and simple and straight to the point which I liked so you don’t feel like you waste time. I found the instructor inspiring and have given 5/5 for that reason. Cheers to you lady!!

Justnara Zaman


Wonderful course. I like that the instructor related the information to her personal life. Simple method, well explained. A great message!!! Thank you.

Noah Letner